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Where's Your Focus?

Have you ever gotten distracted? I can’t begin to count how many times I’ve taken my focus away from the task at hand. This could lead to even more distractions, or, it could lead to something even more important. I ran by a fountain the other day and as I went by, I turned my head to keep my eyes on it. And out of the blue, a rainbow appeared! It was a clear day, and (I’m not scientific enough to know all these details, but…) somehow the water was catching the sun just right and acting like a prism. It was the coolest thing I’d seen in awhile and I could have easily missed it if my eyes had stayed on the path directly in front of me. I paid extra attention when I went by again, and, sure enough, it only appeared with a certain perspective.

Sometimes I think we can lose sight of God’s presence. I know I can easily go throughout a day and forget the fact that I need to have my eyes open and alert for anything He wants to show me. Sometimes He can do that through the task at hand, and other times, He wants to distract us a little bit and get our focus on something more important. Where’s your focus right now? Are your eyes open and ready to take in what God has in your path today? Whether it’s right in front of you, or you have to turn your head a little to see it, if we’re paying attention, we might get to see a little glimpse of His presence and how He wants to use us, or encourage us, today.

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