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Overcoming Obstacles

In honor of the crazy snow storm headed our way tomorrow, I thought I’d share some thoughts from a run I had a few years ago. 😊❄️

Snow aftermath = puddles everywhere. I went on a run this morning doing everything I could to avoid the water. I drove to a different spot instead of starting from home because my normal route would have been a disaster. After about half a mile, I stepped in a huge puddle that didn’t look as deep as it was, and just like that, both my feet up to my ankles were DRENCHED. There went the plan! And who likes to run with cold, wet feet? In that instant, an immediate feeling of frustration and disappointment hit, and I turned around and started heading back thinking, “Oh well…I tried. I just won’t hit my goal this week.” But as I started back, a few steps later I decided, "Forget it! I’m finishing this run!" It couldn’t get worse than it already was right? I finished and got to enjoy one of the most beautiful runs and weather I’ve had. Well worth the wet feet! We are all capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. God created us with more ability than we realize, you just have to let yourself try. So next time you run into a problem, don’t sell yourself short and instead, give yourself the opportunity to overcome it. You might just be surprised by what happens!

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