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Messengers of Encouragment

Sometimes, we just need someone to point out what’s right in front of our face. Being an avid runner going on 10 years now, the thing I know really well is that God speaks to me on runs. It’s where I hear clearest, it’s where I see Him in creation. It’s the place I feel confident I can recognize the things He’s pointing out to me. And yet, I can still miss what’s right in front of my face. One of my favorite things to see while I run are animals. Three-fourths of the way through a long run the other day, I hadn’t seen many. Honestly, I was thrilled for the clouds to block some of the heat and was just looking forward, a little zoned out, not really focused on anything. I like to say hi to anyone I pass and came across a biker who was pulled off to the side. I waved, said hi, and without a word, he just pointed to the right. I turned, and there were 2 deer, 30 feet away! Such a sweet gift sent to encourage me. I’ve never seen deer on my runs before, and I would have completely missed it had it not been for that person. Sometimes, we just need someone to give us a little reminder of how good God is. He puts people in our lives to point out something we might miss otherwise. I hope this gives you a little encouragement that God is present, He is with you, He knows every detail of your life, and He loves you! “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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I just have to say that I have been struggling to run since COVID hit the scene but I too find God giving me encouragement during my runs, whether through people I see, sunrises over the Big Lake (Lake Superior) or through animals. This August on my birthday I was out for an early morning run and I saw 1 deer then 2 deer both on different sections of my route. As I rounded a corner I was blessed again! This time I saw 3 deer - a mother and two fawns, both of which were nursing! It was the most blessed sight and such an encouragement from God on my birthday! Last week, I saw this small family agai…

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