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Growing Pains

If you’ve ever started something new, you know there’s always a transition period. For example, if you decided to learn a language, you’re not going to be an expert right off the bat. Or if you take cooking lessons, you might not make the perfect meal after day 1. What about starting a new job? You always have an adjustment period as you figure out your role. I’m starting marathon training again, and though I’ve run a marathon before, I haven’t run over 4 miles in months. It’s no surprise that I’m sore and ended up with blisters after a longer run. I like to think of these as growing pains. Instead of being discouraged by the pain, change your mindset and look at it as a positive. This is a sign you’re growing! It’s a sign you’re doing more than you did yesterday, and the more you continue to push yourself further, the better you’re going to be as you move forward. If you never push yourself to do more than you did the day before, you will never grow. You will be saving yourself some pain in the moment, but you’ll never experience the joy of accomplishment and growth in the future. Is there something God is pushing you towards that you need to take a step in? You might feel some growing pains as you begin but think about what your life will look like in a few weeks, months, and years down the road as you continue to push yourself to be all God created you to be.

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