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Deep Roots

I run by this tree almost every day and every time I see it, I think, "That tree has been through some stuff!" It’s had limbs cut off, it’s been pushed every which direction by the “lovely” Oklahoma winds, hit with all kinds of crazy weather, and yet it stands strong. Its roots are deep. Though it carries the scars, it’s not defined by them. This tree is not just a tree, but a representation of strength, purpose, and survival. Have you ever been through some stuff? Have you felt like the scars of your past limit what you can do or who you can be? Some of the most incredible and inspiring people I see, are those that don’t allow themselves to be defined by their scars, but by who God says they are. Their identities are deeply rooted in Christ and His word. They are not just one of many, but a special, one of a kind representation of strength, purpose, and survival. God can use you. He wants to use you. No matter what you’ve done or what’s been done to you, He can use it all for a purpose.

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