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David and Goliath

I saw a pretty funny moment on my run yesterday. There was a big black crow getting pecked at and chased by a bird about 1/3 the size of him. They flew by me, with the little one constantly dive-bombing the crow. After a few fly-bys, they landed on the ground in what looked like a David and Goliath face off.

Have you ever had to face a challenge much bigger than you? Something that looked so big it might be impossible to overcome? When I think about David facing Goliath, David was the only person who truly believed God could, and would, step in to help him defeat an enemy so much bigger, stronger, and more equipped than him. The coolest part about this whole story for me, is that if we never face something bigger than ourselves, we will never have the opportunity to see God’s strength and divine intervention at work. Because of David’s faith, he was able to see God do something he might never have seen otherwise.

So, when you’re faced with a challenge, attack it like that little bird and David. Look at it as an opportunity for God to show up and show off! Maybe God wants a chance to show you what He can do if you just trust Him.

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