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Are You Listening?

I NEVER leave without my music when headed for a run. I also don’t like hearing myself breathe hard so I crank that sucker up! The other day I was running by the lake and because of the rain, the water was higher than usual. I love the sound of waves and decided to turn off my music for a quick second so I could hear the water wash up on the shore. I was shocked at just how much of a difference the loudness of my music was compared to the calm, quiet noise of the water. Apparently, I like it loud 😂

We have so many distractions in life. Some we bring upon ourselves because we’re not used to sitting still, some just come with the territory of living with technology and life in general. I run the same trail every time I go running, and yet when I decided to take away the distraction of the music, I was able to experience things that were always there, but I never fully experienced. In the same way, we can’t fully experience God unless we take time to listen to Him. Try to disconnect for a few minutes and ask Him what He wants to show you then listen, and see what happens. I bet you won’t be disappointed!

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