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The Little Things

I love saying hi to people I pass by on my runs. It’s something I’ve always done and is just as normal to me as smiling at someone I walk by. I go on the same trail every day, so I’ve gotten familiar with faces: from walkers, to runners, to bikers, and fishermen. One fisherman in particular, I pass by twice every day. I tell him good morning on the first pass, followed by a “Have a great day!” on the second. In the beginning, I could tell this caught him by surprise, probably thinking, “Who in the world is this person??” But the more and more we saw each other, the more he responded. The other day, as I was coming back, he beat me to my, “Have a great day!” comment. It was like he was waiting for my second pass to get it out before I did, after which I laughed pretty hard and got to say, “You too!”. I don’t know his name and I’ve never said much more than those few words to him over the last several months, but I think it’s safe to say he enjoys the random good morning talk with the runner he sees every day. And I enjoy my random talk with the fisherman! It’s the smallest and easiest thing to do, but God can use tiny things to make a big difference. You never know what someone might be going through, or the encouragement a small comment or smile can make, even from a stranger. How can God use you in the small ways this week?

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