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We Can Do Hard Things!

A few days ago, I got up and immediately checked the weather. It was hot with zero wind, not my ideal for a run. I went ahead and got out of bed but had almost made up my mind not to run strictly based on the weather. I started my morning routine and by the time I got to my stretching, I decided I’d go ahead and go since I’d gotten up early.

About a mile in, I crossed paths with a blind man and his guide jogging. This man had all the excuses in the world NOT to be outside running. And not fake excuses like I’ve given myself before, such as the weather. He had legitimate reasons why he didn’t have to be out there. I bet he’d give almost anything to be able to see while he runs. Me? I was dreading the heat and almost missed an opportunity to move my body and see every little beautiful detail of the outside world I passed on the way.

We take our health for granted way too often. We have far greater potential than we can ever imagine. There are so many people that don’t have physical abilities most of us do, and yet they don’t let it become an excuse. Instead, they overcome obstacles every single day to do something we might not ever have to think about. Guess what? We can do hard things!!! What’s the excuse you’re holding on to that’s stopping you from doing what you’ve told yourself over and over you would do?

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